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Your First Visit

What happens during your first visit? Generally speaking, your 1st visit will include a comprehensive dental exam so we can have a complete and accurate picture of your oral health. The dental exam will include a TMJ checkup and our doctors will also take a very close look at your gum tissues. In addition, we will also take several specialized photographs and intra-oral X-rays.

If you’re currently in pain, we will try our best to pencil in your appointment on the same day. We know how painful certain dental issues can be, and we can prepare your emergency treatment as soon as possible to alleviate your suffering.

In any case, our staff is happy to discuss all the pertinent concerns wit you. We will need to know more about you so we can provide the best oral health solutions. You’ll be required to answer a health history form and will need your dental insurance information if you have one.

We all also ask for the name and contact details of your primary care doctor, and it will also help if you can give us a list of all the medications you’re currently taking. Some types of medications can affect various oral health care procedures, including heart medications, aspirin, and others.

Your 1st visit is all about knowing the current condition of your oral health. Once we have all the information needed, we can then make sure that you get optimum dental care you need so that you will always be able to smile with confidence.

If you have dental insurance, then it’s best if you can bring along your current insurance card along with any other relevant information regarding your policy. Part of our services is to help you process your claims while you deal with your insurance agent.

If you’re a teenage or you want us to monitor your child’s oral health, then it’s best that he or she is accompanied by a parent or guardian. Adults must be present so that all the necessary forms can be properly completed.

After we get a complete look at your current state of oral health and our office also has your pertinent details, we will then schedule a follow-up visit.