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Digital X-Rays

There is a lot of online chatter about X-Rays, and many believe that it’s a health risk. But then there’s simply too much misinformation about the subject.

Here’s one fact that’s incontrovertible: It’s been more than 60 years since dental X-rays have been introduced. Dental technology has progressed significantly since those days, and you can be sure that our dental office embraces the latest in oral health technology. Nowadays, the types of dental X-rays our patients get are a lot safer. In addition, they’re much easier to get and more convenient to use.

The modern dental X-Rays these days don’t emit as much radiation as they did before, so they are quite harmless. We also have the option of using digital radiography, which only uses 10% of the radiation that standard dental x-rays use.

With digital x-rays, getting the scans we need to check out your oral health is so much simpler. Since they’re easier to do, you and your family won’t have to stay as long in our office to get your scans done. There aren’t even any chemicals used, so in a sense they’re much friendlier for the environment.

These digital records give use images in higher quality, so we can really see what’s going on regarding your oral health. Since they’re digital, we can even transfer your records via email if you need to check out other dental specialists in other dental offices.

The point here is that these new scans are much safer for everyone while it provides more comprehensive data for us. They’re easier and more convenient. With digital x-rays, everyone’s a winner.