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Mouth Guards

Many people are more aware of mouth guards in sports, and that’s probably because of Stephen Curry and how he munches on them while playing in the NBA. But when you think about it, plenty of athletes use them, especially in contact sports like boxing and American football.

The problem is that many mouth guards are generic in shape when you buy them over the counter. They don’t fit in your mouth very well. They can chafe your lips and feel uncomfortable, and they may not offer a good level of cushioning for your teeth. The fit may be so and that they can detach too easily while you play.

So it’s a good thing if you’re an athlete and you come for us for your athletic mouth guard needs. We can make sure that you get customized mouth guards that fir your mouth and teeth exactly. We basically just get an impression of your mouth and then tailor a set of mouth guards to fit the impression (and your mouth) perfectly.

You may also need a mouth guard even if you don’t play any kind of sport at all. We also make a type of mouth guard called a night guard. This is for our patients who tend to grind and clench their teeth while they’re sleeping. It’s a habit that eventually damages your teeth, and so a night guard is your best bet to protect your teeth through the night. This habit can also destroy various types of dental work, like bridges, crowns, and implants.

Some night guards are essential for your health because you may be having some pains in your jaw joints when you grind your teeth. You may experience some type of insomnia because of the pain, but the night guard can alleviate that pain.

We also offer a “snore guard”, as many of our patients snore through the night and they may bother their sleeping partners. Our snore guards correct the position of your jaw so that your airway is opened more effectively for easier breathing. You won’t snore, and your spouse will sleep better.

Finally, we also offer a daytime version of the mouth guard for non-athletic events. They’re great if you tend to grind your teeth even when you’re awake. These are slimmer and more comfortable to wear so you can work with it during the day. They may even have a clear Invisalign design, so they’re virtually invisible and they’re not distracting for the people you meet during the day.