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Dental Care Financing

At Rider Dental, our goal is to provide you and your family the best quality of dental care. We want to maintain your oral health so you can smile with utmost confidence no matter where you go or who you meet.

But although we are committed to providing the highest quality of dental care, we are also determined to make sure that the costs are reasonable and affordable for our patients. We know that you trust us to provide you with the best dental care solutions and that is why we always take the time and effort to explain all our dental procedures and fees.

Despite what you may have heard, oral health care treatments don’t have to be beyond your reach. We can discuss the matter with you in great detail, so that we can find the most suitable financing options regarding the fees and how you will cover them.

Generally, payments for our services aren’t required in advance. They’re only due once the service has been rendered and we will discuss the fees well in advance. We don’t wish you to be flabbergasted at how much you will pay in the end.

We do accept cash payments, but we also accept all major credit cards if that’s more convenient for you. Personal checks are accepted as well. We can also discuss this in greater detail so we can explore monthly payment plans that are more suitable for you.

It’s best if you have dental insurance, as your oral health is just as important for your overall well-being as the rest of your body. If you do have insurance, then we can help you file claims as part of our service. We can also quote a treatment fee estimate based upon on your current dental insurance policy.

Of course, you are still in charge of your own finances, and you’re fully responsible for all fees. You’ll be accountable for the balance of your fees should your insurance company doesn’t make good with the needed payments within 60 days.

If you have more questions regarding financing and fees, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can clarify any confusion regarding fees and insurance claims.